Intelligent automation for human resources

Achieve outstanding service while reducing costs and effort through intelligent automation.

Use Cases For Human Resources Integrations

Use Cases

Applicant Management

In order to identify the talents your company needs, you need to check how well each applicant matches the job posting. supports by reviewing the letter of application and attachments. While assessing the suitability, possible matches to other open positions can also be checked.

Workforce Planning

Who works where and when? What could be seen as a simple task is actually rather complicated. Various factors influence both demand (weather conditions, request amount) and supply (sickness, vacation). Create automated proposals for workforce planning with

Sickness Notification

Everyday, HR needs to electronically process doctor’s certificates from employees deemed unable to work. supports you by automatically recording details and providing feedback to employees under exceptional situations. for human resources

Many of the queries that occupy an HR department are standard cases, such as sickness notifications, entry or exit from the company, or the time recording of working hours. At the same time, however, these requests are too complex and unstructured to be solved by means of plain process automation. With you can automate these processes partially or completely, and support your employees by significantly reducing response times.

Manual processes slow you down

Especially when it comes to highly seasonal issues, such as new hires or health insurance contributions, manual processes can really take their toll. They disrupt your daily processes and can disturb even the most experienced HR department. Reduce and automate such processes.

Make the move to an intelligent solution

In the past HR departments fought against paper stacks, today against the full digital inbox. supports HR departments to escape from this situation. Free your HR department from mundane tasks and automate daily requests with AI support.

... to keep the overview

When tasks are immediately sorted by request type and urgency, you never lose sight of the most important tasks and can keep an eye on the big picture.

... to process requests faster works around the clock, so any delays are minimized.

... to automate tedious tasks

Get rid of document management and copy&paste from one system into another. Use the time to make a start processing the request.


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