handles tiresome and time-consuming tasks so that your employees can focus on the important things - no matter whether this is in service, accounting or sales. at a glance

AI Innovation Project 2021

Logo Ministerium für Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg
Logo Ministerium für Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg

With its AI project "", sovanta AG is being funded by the Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing as part of the Baden-Wuerttemberg AI Innovation Competition.

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Use Cases

Automatic ticket allocation

... in Customer Service

Service centers process and answer large volumes of e-mail everyday. Using, e-mails can be automatically classified according to their content and forwarded to the right people without any manual effort. for customer service

Pre-selection of applications

... in Human Resources

HR is charged with the responsibility of finding the optimal candidate for open positions. automatically structures the large volume of incoming applications and allows HR professionals to focus on the most promising applicants. for human resources

Order entry processing

... from documents and e-mails

Manually handling incoming orders and entering them into forms is a laborious and painstaking task. is trained to recognize relevant information (even in PDF attachments) and automatically writes it into your order entry system.


AI Platform

All your AI bots on one platform. We ensure the smooth operation and performance of You benefit from high service availability and unlimited scaling possibilities.

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with all your business systems and tools.

Self-learning System

Your AI helper learns with every action. Our machine learning algorithms ensure that your assistant is continuously developing and can take over increasingly complex tasks.

Professional AI

You profit from the latest machine learning algorithms from the best data science team.

Continuous Improvement

We continuously extend the functionality and performance of and of very single AI bot running on it. You automatically benefit from our optimizations to the AI core and the platform.

Faster than any RPA

Unlike RPA systems, interacts with your applications via APIs. This reduces the number of errors caused by updates or configuration changes via graphical user interfaces.

Transparent Costs

No financial risk. Clearly structured entry prices and volume-based monthly billing. scales with you.

Get started quickly and easily

Rapid Implementation. From first contact to the first working day of in 6 weeks.


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Step 1:

Select the task that you want to delegate to (make sure that the task has a repetitive character and is currently performed by one or more of your employees, e.g. ticket assignment)

Step 2:

Contact us and arrange an appointment with our experts.

Step 3:

In a virtual or personal half day workshop, (free of charge), we identify the tasks that should handle and which connectors are required.

Step 4:

Receive your offer from us within 3 days (fixed prices of the connectors and monthly fee for the self-learning platform).

Step 5:

At the latest after 6 weeks, will take over its tasks and start supporting your team!

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