Intelligent automation for customer service

Achieve outstanding service while reducing costs and effort through intelligent automation.

Use Cases For Customer Service Integrations

Use Cases

Ticket Allocation

Everyday service centers have to process huge numbers of e-mails. Using these can be automatically classified according to their content and correctly forwarded without any manual effort. Inquiries are quickly answered - the result is an increase in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Order Entry

Entering incoming orders manually is tedious and requires considerable effort. recognizes relevant information - even in PDF attachments - and automatically transfers it to your order entry system. This not only makes your employees more productive, but also accelerates your order processing.


Some incoming requests are more critical than others. Besides their urgency, other factors such as negative sentiment affect their prioritization. ensures that these requests are not overlooked and flags them accordingly. for customer service

In customer service, every minute counts when it comes to contacting customers. With a high number of inquiries and tickets, this is no easy task.

Customer service - project the best image of your company

Customer service is your company's central point of contact for your customers. In fact, 30% of customers would change companies after a disappointing interaction with customer service. So, it's essential to have a smooth running process behind the scenes.

Manual processes slow you down

Smooth processes and faster responses make customer service a better experience. Did you know that 90% of customers rate an immediate response as important or very important. Manual processes get in the way of these expectations because they jeopardize your ability to react rapidly and what's more, they are error-prone.

... to keep the overview

When tasks are immediately sorted by request type and urgency, you never lose sight of the most important tasks and can keep an eye on the big picture.

... to quickly find the right contact person

With, inquiries land immediately in the right mailbox, so manual sorting is no longer necessary.

... to process requests faster works around the clock, so any delays are minimized.

... to automate tedious tasks

Get rid of document management and copy&paste from one system into another. Use the time to make a start processing the request.


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